Understand the Points Competition

How do I earn points?

You earn points when you compete at an ASKA sanctioned tournament and take a placement.

The USKA Points Competition works the same as the ASKA one except that it includes all tournaments.  You will need to be a member of the USKA to compete in their Points Competition.

What are the Points?

Points are given for each placement.

At a Maximum Point Tournament points are:

1st Place     20

2nd Place   15

3rd Place    10

4th Place     5

Grand Champion 5

Az. State Championship is Max Point + 5 points.

Southwest Regional Championship is Max Point + 10 points

World Championship is Double Max Point

How do I win a Points Competition?

Your points are added up throughout the year.  At the end of the Point Year (May 5th)  the points will closed.  Competitors & Schools who are not members by May 31st will be dropped from  the list.  We then have a list of the top Points Champions for the year.  

Current Points Report

Points are not final.  This is a rough draft.  Changes will continue to take place til the end of the season on May 4th.  I you have any discrepancies, please contact me. This is a list of all competitors.  Non members will be deleted June 1st.  Join now to stay on the list!

ARIZONA POINT STANDINGS 2019-2020 Season - through 2-13-2020 (pdf)